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A few years ago, after reading about the benefits of combining chiropractic care with yoga, I thought it might be nice to offer yoga at the office on Saturday mornings. I asked a patient that I knew was an instructor if she was interested and she responded with a resounding “yes”! We posted some flyers, put together a class of about 8 folks who had little to no yoga experience and three years later, that original Saturday morning crew continues to practice yoga as part of their commitment to maintaining better health. They have seen the benefits of combining chiropractic care, yoga and other healthy habits in achieving and maintaining a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Howard County Chiropractic now offers three yoga classes throughout the week. Classes range from beginner yoga to more advanced levels of practice and are open to patients as well as non-patients. Class size is small and provides personal attention for those with all levels of experience.

Class pricing and schedule are listed below. Feel free to call the office for more information or to sign up for a class. (443) 259-0235.

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From our instructors…

Yoga is the perfect partner to your chiropractic care. You can help support the work of your doctor by applying the alignment principals learned in yoga to your everyday activities. Both healing modalities promote and enhance your desire for an active lifestyle, resulting in a body less prone to tension and pain. The two practices both tune the body’s nervous, muscle and skeletal systems, resulting in a healthier happier you!

The physical body tells a story. As we sit behind the wheel for long commutes, hunch over our keyboards for hours on end and stare down at our smart phones, the body takes on habits that affect our posture and most importantly our breathing. Rounded shoulders, a collapsed chest, tight hip flexors, and a rounded spine with tight, overstretched weakened muscles begin to take a toll on all the systems in the body. In addition, the body stores our emotions and energy gets stuck; the stress of our daily lives causes us to live in a constant state of “fight or flight”.

We practice yoga to relearn how to move in our bodies, to create space in our joints, and to lengthen the spine. We cultivate body awareness by connecting mind and body, to find our way back to an optimal blueprint where the bones are properly stacked to support our framework in order to find ease in our bodies. We strengthen muscles surrounding joints to support healthy movement in our knees and hips. We work to engage core muscles that lie deep within the body; working the torso from tailbone to collarbones, and aligning the head and neck to keep our spine sound.

What separates yoga from most exercise and sports is utilizing the power of the breath. It is the essential tool for the mind-body connection. This point of focus is what ultimately makes us stronger, balanced, flexible and more grounded, both on and off the mat.

We as instructors, along with the entire staff at Howard County Chiropractic are united in our mission to work together to empower you to stay vibrant and full of life!

~Jacqueline Fitch and Barbara Day

Yoga Basics

This class is ideal for those students looking for an introduction to the practice, as well as continuing students who are interested in working on the fundamentals of alignment to regain strength and flexibility as needed. Learn to move with the power of the breath and integrate the entire body in every posture promoting balance and ease. Our highly experienced instructors teach progressively, building on each category of seated, standing, balance and supine poses.

Tuesdays 7:30pm – 8:45pm
Instructor – Jacqueline Fitch, RYT 500

Saturday 10:00am – 11:15am
Instructor – Barbara Day, RYT 500

Yoga Level 1-2

This class is for students with some yoga experience who are ready to refine standing poses, build strength for arm balances, and go deeper into twists and seated poses with emphasis on opening and strengthening the shoulders, back, hips, and legs. Become more aware of how breathing, alignment, and a regular yoga practice contribute to strengthening the body, calming the mind, and lifting the spirit.

Saturdays 8:30am – 9:45am
Instructor – Barbara Day, RYT 500


$16/class for one class per week

$15/class for two classes per week

 1 Class/Week  2 Classes/Week
10  Week Session  $160  $300
 11 Week Session  $176  $330
 12 Week Session  $192  $360


Jacqueline Fitch, RYT 500, trained for both her initial and advanced certification at the Yoga Center of Columbia.  She is passionate in her teaching of Yoga as an ancient art for self-care and a touchstone for our daily lives.  She encourages students to embrace and honor their bodies, beginning with compassion for oneself.  Come and experience a graceful practice of alignment-based movement using the energy of the breath to support the mind-body connection; and leave feeling uplifted and light-hearted!

Barbara Day, RYT 500 completed her teacher training at the Yoga Center of Columbia. She loves teaching yoga and encourages her students to express confidence in their own body and breath awareness. Barbara teaches alignment principles applied to breathing, poses, and meditation building on strong foundations, joyful expression, and peaceful hearts and minds.

“Feedback has been nothing short of fantastic regarding our yoga program. Classes are small and allow for personalized attention. So many have found it to be a wonderful addition to their long term strategy for maintaining wellness…”

*The last Saturday morning classes in 2016 will be Saturday, December 17.
*The last Tuesday evening class in 2016 will be Tuesday, December 20.

2017 Schedule*

NOTE: “week” is Monday-Saturday

Winter Session – 12 weeks

  • Free Intro Class Tuesday Jan. 3 and Saturday Jan 7th, 2017
  • Session runs week of 1/9/2017 through week of 3/27/2017

Spring Session – 12 weeks

  • Free Intro Class Tuesday April 4 and Saturday April 8th, 2017
  • Session runs week of 4/10/2017 through week of 6/26/2017

SUMMER BREAK: week of 7/3/2017

Summer Session – 11 weeks

  • Free Intro Class Tuesday July 11 and Saturday Jult 15th, 2017
  • Session runs week of 7/17/2017 through week of 9/25/2017

Fall Session – 11 weeks

  • Free Intro Class Tuesday Oct. 3 and Saturday Oct 7th, 2017
  • Session runs week of 10/9/2017 through week of 12/18/2017

WINTER BREAK: week of 12/25/2017

* Dates are subject to change.

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Additional Information
Participants are encouraged to bring their own mats if possible. All other supplies (blankets, blocks, etc.) will be provided.