Staff Bio: Rufina Gulanes

Rufina, our super friendly and outgoing office manager, has been working with us here at Howard County Chiropractic for a little over four years. Before joining the team, Rufina had never been to a Chiropractor, in fact, she had no idea what was involved in chiropractic care and was sort of scared of it. Her assumption was that you visited a chiropractor when you were in pain, and after a few snap, crackles, and pops, you were good to go.

She quickly learned that is not necessary the case. Shortly after joining the team, getting to know what takes place around the office and having few chiropractic visits herself, Rufina was amazed at the benefits of Chiropractic care. She was astonished at how much the adjustments, soft tissue treatments, and exercises seemed to be changing the lives of patients, day after day. Like many others, Rufina now incorporates preventative chiropractic care into her day to day life. Whether she pops in for an adjustment after a long day in the office or if she schedules a massage to relax on the weekends, her life has been positively affected by the addition of chiropractic care.

“The doctors are, of course, a huge part of a patient’s treatment plan and recovery. However, I truly believe that having massage therapy and other soft tissue treatments available makes their recovery process faster and smoother.” Rufina shared when asked about the treatment plans at the office.

We are very happy to have Rufina as a member of the Howard County Chiropractic family and hope that you enjoyed learning a little more about her. Stay tuned for future staff bio posts.