Howard County Chiropractic has a spacious, fully-functional fitness/rehab area allowing us to perform all the necessary types of exercise needed to most effectively treat your condition and provide routines for long-term use. We routinely incorporate various types of exercise including flexibility, facilitation, and stability / strengthening. High priority is placed on core strengthening and stability as this is crucial to short term resolution and long term maintenance of most spine related conditions.

We incorporating low tech equipment such as physio-balls, resistance bands and foam rollers in our rehabilitation routines and stock this equipment for retail sale. This allows our patients to continue their routines in the comfort of their homes during care and long after being released.

Our certified chiropractic assistants are fully trained in the correct implementation of these exercises and also possess certifications as personal trainers and other disciplines of fitness. Physical therapy modalities used include Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Ultrasound and Cold Laser Therapy.