At Howard County Chiropractic, our mission is to provide quality, comprehensive, conservative care for conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system. Our specialization is in short- and long-term management of our patients’ musculoskeletal well-being. To that end, we provide a variety of services for which we have provided information in detail. In addition, we adhere to standards of care with regard to type of treatments, treatment duration, and criteria for referral. Strong working relationships exist with local physicians of various specializations in order to provide for the appropriate referral when indicated.


Chiropractic Care

We provide safe and effective chiropractic care inclusive of spinal and non-spinal joint mobilization/manipulation. Still have questions about chiropractic care in general?

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Massage Therapy

Our office offers various types of massage therapy in order to meet all of our patient’s individual needs. Techniques include the standard Swedish and Deep Tissue as well as various specialized techniques.

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Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

How does Chinese Medicine work? Our bodies have within them a series of meridians that are much like rivers carrying the energy that fuels our bodies. This energetic substance is called Qi (chi). Occasionally these meridians, and the Qi flowing within them, are blocked by physical trauma, environmental factors, lifestyle, emotions, and a myriad other causes.

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Soft-Tissue Treatments

Various forms of soft-tissue treatments are used here at Howard County Chiropractic, including integrated myofascial release, Graston® Technique and trigger-point therapy. In addition, Theralase TLC1000, an FDA approved cold laser therapy method, is used to treat musculoskeletal conditions such as sprains/strains, bursitis, and tendonitis.

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Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Howard County Chiropractic has a fully-functional fitness/rehab area allowing us to perform all the necessary types of exercise needed to treat your condition and provide routines for long-term use. In addition, our chiropractic assistants are certified as personal trainers and other disciplines of fitness.

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Nutritional Supplementation

Supplementation is focused on improving and maintaining musculoskeletal wellbeing. Decreasing inflammation and improving/maintaining joint health is our primary goal.

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Supplies– In an effort to provide our patients with all they may require in optimizing their response to treatment, we carry a full line of supplies inclusive of ice/hot packs, braces/supports, pillows, exercise bands & balls, nutritional supplements, Bio Freeze and back-packs.