Docs in Action…Dr. Jake Oergel

There is one lesson I learned a long time ago from my mother, and that was that no matter the time of year, situation or place in life that I had to participate in something active. That said I thank her for instilling me at a young age the importance of movement. Exercise, whether looked at as training for a specific event or as working out to stay in shape, has been one of my driving factors personally and for my patients. Motion or exercise is one of the strongest forms of therapy and should always be a goal.

Growing up there wasn’t a sport that I didn’t play. I had to have my hand in everything just to see how good I could be plus I loved the idea of constantly pushing myself to be better. After exhausting all options at the age of 23, I decided to give this crazy sport of triathlon a tri (ha ha!!!). Needless to say the addiction and lifelong bond was immediate with tons of passion towards getting better no matter the cost. At 23 who cares about the fundamentals of recovery? At 23 who cares about basic physiological principles of training adaptation? At 23 who cares if you get hit by a car pretty bad while training as your young and nothing can get in your way right?

Fast forward 17 years…still have the same passion, desire, and motivation for a triathlon I had after that first sprint triathlon I did. I have had a ton of success in the sport over that time from qualifying for worlds, nationals, podiums and so on!!! The biggest success though I have won over that time is a full understanding on how to keep the engine going for another 17 years and beyond.

These days with the schedule I carry of work, job, lots of family activities and volunteering opportunities I make it a point to follow a semi-strict schedule of training each day. While seasonal goals will forever be the judge of what I am doing, I believe that training like a triathlete is the golden ticket to injury prevention. I am not saying that triathletes are never injured I just believe that the idea of always training something different allows the body to be adapting and not overloaded with the monotonous stimulus constantly.

A big bonus to my training the past couple of years has been incorporating CrossFit into my routine. Whether it is visiting one of the many amazing boxes in this region or letting my daughters put me through torture in our garage I believe the fundamental mission of constantly varied motion that CrossFit provides has helped me certain bulletproof areas of this aging body. I can’t put the high mileage on my body that I did 17 years ago but the combination of specified strength training and focused triathlon training my times at 40 years old are just as fast if not faster than it was over a decade ago. Volume is rarely ever the answer compared to specifically focused sessions that have a purpose.

Half way through my triathlon journey I became a chiropractor, and I believe 100% that this has mechanically allowed me to stay healthy. Chiropractic has given me the ability to allow myself to heal itself instead of relying on outside sources. If I feel something coming on injury wise, I typically will get adjusted along with some soft tissue. It’s my version of a tune up, and that process has never let me down.

Goals are what drives all of us to stay healthy and most importantly have fun doing what we are doing. My main goal is to race my daughters in a triathlon someday and hopefully be able to keep up but more importantly be able to embrace movement/mobility at an old age because the movement is life!!!