interior-image-about-philosophyPlain and simple…there’s a very specific way in which the various systems of our bodies are supposed to function. Here at HCC, we believe strongly that the key to obtaining and maintaining better health lies in your ability to maintain this normal, efficient function throughout your body. Although our treatments focus primarily on musculoskeletal health, the same applies to all body systems including your immune system, digestive system and all of the systems that work to keep us well.

We understand that time, as well as various stressors can cause a breakdown in the normal functioning of our bodies. These stressors include, but are certainly not limited to the physical demands of our daily activities (work and exercise), the foods we ingest (the good, the bad and the ugly) and the emotional and mental stresses (work and family) of everyday life. These stressors cause a slow but steady breakdown in normal function that in most instances we are unaware of until pain and/or other symptoms arise.

Musculoskeletal wellbeing relies upon our ability to maintain efficient movement and to avoid the unnecessary “wear and tear” that ultimately leads to the breakdown of normal biomechanics, decreased performance, increased vulnerability to injury and eventually the beginning of structural breakdown (arthritis, disc issues, etc.) and pain.

Our philosophy can be summed up quite easily:

(functional inefficiencies)
(efficient function)

Our Method


Our method does not “lock” patients into predetermined, “factory like” plans but allows our chiropractors, massage therapists and our acupuncturist to continually monitor, modify and adapt to each patient’s specific situation and individual needs.

At Howard County Chiropractic, we see patients of all ages and activity levels. Complaints range from simple sprains and strains to more complicated conditions, such as herniated discs or inflammatory conditions.

The methods we utilize in correctly diagnosing each condition, developing the appropriate treatment plan and executing that plan in the most efficient manner are crucial to our patient’s success.

The process begins with a comprehensive history taking and examination. This allows us to arrive at the proper diagnosis and determine whether additional diagnostic information may be required such as imaging and/or a referral to another healthcare professional. Once we have obtained all of the necessary information and have the ability to develop a specific treatment plan, we draw from an extensive array of treatment options. These options include chiropractic care, physical therapy, nutritional counseling, massage therapy, acupuncture and a variety of soft tissue treatments ranging from cold laser therapy, Graston Technique, Active Release Technique and Kinesio Taping.

We do not believe that we are the “end all” in our patient’s care and understand that other health care professionals play an important role and can be helpful in addressing certain conditions. Our method includes considering all treatment options, not just those provided by our practice.

Your Treatment… Phases of Care

The acute phase is when the underlying cause or dysfunction is identified and pain or other symptoms are brought under control. In most cases, pain is significantly reduced within the first 2-7 days of treatment. This phase can last 1-3 weeks depending on your level of pain.

The corrective phase is when the underlying dysfunction identified earlier is corrected. This can be the more challenging phase of care depending on how long your body has been functioning improperly and what influence your daily activities will have on our ability to make corrections. For example, if your upper back and neck pain is due to working on a computer 8 hours a day for the past 3 years, and you still have to go to work every day and do just that, it may take longer to correct the biomechanical dysfunction. Compliance with the recommended treatment plan and prescribed exercises is imperative during this phase! This phase continues until both your symptoms and the underlying biomechanical problems which were identified during you initial exam have resolved. Once this has occurred, patients are released from active care.

The maintenance or preventative phase is when a long term strategy is put in place in order to maintain all of the proper function that has been restored, avoid future episodes of the same or similar condition, as well as to promote overall well-being. This strategy may include a realistic set of exercises, nutritional supplements and periodic chiropractic treatments. By balancing the “bad” things you do each day (sit, stand, lift, run) with some “good” things (stretch, strengthen, postural awareness) you can maintain a higher level of well-being and make strides in avoiding pain and disease completely. This can be likened to brushing, flossing and visiting your dentist periodically for check-ups in order to avoid dental problems. It is important to note that we are a condition specific office. This means that we diagnose your condition, treat it until it resolves or until we have done everything we can to help you and then we release you from care. If patients are interested and/or their condition warrants on-going care it will be discussed at the conclusion of their active treatment plan.