mission-imageOur Mission and Values

The entire team at Howard County Chiropractic is deeply committed to our mission and values. These statements are not mere words on a paper, but serve as cornerstones for all patient interactions. They shape how we think about patients, communicate with patients, and act with patients.

Mission Statement

Our primary purpose is to provide our patients with the highest quality conservative healthcare, customer service and personal attention while listening to them and treating them with dignity, compassion and courtesy.
The needs of the patient come first.

Core Values

Professionalism –Assure every part of the patient experience is delivered with highest level of competence.

Integrity –Holding ourselves to the highest level of honesty, morality and ethics.

Order – Everything in its place and a time for each part: Creating and improving upon every system within the office so that we can deliver the best experience every single time.

Tranquility and Respect –Remaining calm and positive in the face of adversity. Never resorting to “gossip” or “finger pointing”. Always being part of the solution and not the problem.

Enthusiasm –Being enthusiastic and sincere in all patient interactions…100% of the time. Remembering everything we do is for the patient.

Cleanliness –the entire office (clinical floor and admin) must remain “spotless”…simple as that.

Kindness – Providing empathy, compassion and warmth to every patient, every visit.